Trump,Tata & Terror….

After super rally since March 1 Market find resistance near all time high around 9000 Nifty Level. Media houses are always ready to flow some news item which give some reasons for all events. It is said that there is everything in the price so never follow the news because it is always factored in.

Trump or Hillary ..Who cares..

Politics & market are two side of a coin. America one of the largest Democarcy of the world do effect market but it looks like that market is over reacting. World will not over either Hillary wins or Trump. I remember famous statement of  our former prime minister. When reporter asked him whom India will follow if war happens? Russia or America? He replied smartly “ Don’t worry ,both of them will follow us.” I find something similar this time. Even America can not ignore super power of India.

Tata..Not the rightway to say TATA..

Group who has shown two world war,one of the oldest company of India & known for it’s ethical practice somehow beaten this time by some bitter Board room bettle.It is absolutely company matter but somehow they manage to make it public.Almost all companies of TATA group are struggling & this ego war make it more difficult for retail investor. We may also choose to say TATA to this companies until issue settles.

Terror..Will not tolerate at any cost.

Market was falling after surgical strike.One investor called me & asked “What is happening? Why market fall suddenly?”. I replied “Nothing. India made surgical attack on Pakistan”. He said “Then ok, I can afford to make portfolio value to zero if this is the reason.” This is common belief of every indian,We can not tolerate any terror. After all, we want our children & grandchildren to be in peaceful world..Aren’t we?

Overall, starting of Q-2 result season is good & we believe that same will continue for most companies in coming days. Second half of the financial year is set to deliver good numbers with growing hope of GST implementation & good governance.

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