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Happy Father’s Day… You Are Father… You are Good Investor…

Happy Father’s Day… You Are Father… You are Good Investor…

If i can speak for Hours on mother, i can write pages for father…Being a father and being a son I have privilege access  with both generation .Let’s put it to Finance Prospective.I always believe if you are good father you have all quality to be good investor.How?..Let’s look at it

Flexible: He is always flexible.If i look back to my Career , I always wonder how flexible he is.Always accept my Success & Failure with all the flexibility.Don’t you think our investment should also be flexible & not rigid.I saw many clients who are so rigid to some financial asset.Sometimes could not accept loss or digest profit.Be like my father.Accept.Your asset will grow like your son & daughter if you are flexible.

Aggressive : Just look at his eyes & i will find how aggressive he is.Never disappointed,always positive & ready for next opportunity.Replicate the same quality in your investment & success is all yours.

Transparent : Always tell what he wants.Crystal clear in all the transaction.Be it material or non material.Only advise in financial instrument selection from this virtue is never go for product which are not transparent.It may give return initially but not always..

Handy : If you are hungry call mother but if you are in trouble call father.He is handy always.When you ends he start.When you feel i am out of solution he has five ways to come out of trouble.When you say, “Daddy, i lose he will say only you can win.”.Be handy with your investment.It will never let you down believe me never.

Effective : Did he need many words to explain?.No way.Just few words & done.When i see too large portfolio of any client this immediately strike to my mind.We don’t need big portfolio.We need effective portfolio.

Realistic :  What he want?.Success.Every father wants their child to be more successful than him.As a son my responsibility to be more successful than my father & ensure my son gets more success than me.Don’t you think it is as easy as investment.If we ensure our asset grows compounded at reasonable pace it will grow like anything.Just ensure it gets better return than your father investment & teach your child how to get better return than yours.To summarize only one sentence of my father is important…” चलना जीवन की कहानी , रुकना मौत की निशानी “…Let’s go..Don’t stop

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